Energy moves lives.

You get to enjoy more, experience more, and live more when there is the power that enables you to do all of these. We are passionate about you and that is why we are passionate about energy. As the leading LPG solutions company, our goal is to delight customers ensuring excellent products and services by delivering safe, sustainable and innovative LPG solutions.

Our Core Values

Isla LPG

Companies come together to form ISLA

When a great opportunity to continue a Filipino legacy rose, many answered the call. It is not every day that companies are given the chance to continue defining how Filipinos live their life fully. This is how ISLA Petroluem & Gas Corporation (IPG) came to be

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Your Life Doesn’t Stop.

That’s why we keep on powering you

The brand name SOLANE is more than just a combination of letters to form a word. It’s a fusion of our goal and our resource that powers us to our objective. The word,

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