Solane LPG’s exclusive service made
for entirely for your safety

The 7-point Safety Check is an exclusive service provided to all Solane LPG home delivery customers nationwide.
Our well-trained riders will conduct the 7-point Safety Check every time you order your Solane LPG, free of charge!

  • 1

    We place cylinders in a well ventilated area, away from sources of ignition.

  • 2

    We inspect the rubber O-ring inside the valve. Ensure that it is free from scratches or cracks.

  • 3

    We use the correct regulator and check its condition frequently. We always replace the regulator within 3 years.

  • 4
    Regulator and Valve Connection

    We attach the regulator and ensure that it is securely connected to the cylinder valve.

  • 5

    We use the correct hose and check its condition
    regularly. The hose is always replaced every 2 years.

  • 6
    Hose Connection

    We use metal clamps to attach the hose to the regulator and appliance.

  • 7
    Flame Quality

    We ensure that your burner produces a blue flame. And we always maintain the quality of your gas appliance.