The energy you need
is the energy we give.

Cleaner-burn and reliable, LPG gives you flexibility and control to meet your specific needs. It provides readily-available heat and is easily controllable. Making it an ideal alternative to other carbon fuels like diesel and bunker.

Solane LPG has the exclusive capability of customizing the LPG mix depending on your needs. We can tailor fit the content of our LPG deliveries into Special Blends, unscented LPG or pure Propane. Let us know how we can help you today!

We are prepared to take on even your most difficult LPG demands. Another first in innovation, Solane LPG is the only LPG brand in the market offering Pure Propane to industrial and commercial clients who need high-burning, high-efficiency LPG. Optimize your equipments’ full potential, call us today to know how!