The difference is within.

LPG-fueled forklifts are versatile and are more powerful than electric or diesel forklifts. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and helps eliminate the cost of running two separate fleets. Because LPG is clean burning, it reduces the risk of dirt or odor contamination, as well as lowers the health and safety risks.

Using LPG has improved fuel economy and lowered maintenance costs, which reduces day-to-day running costs. FLTs are quick to refuel, removing unnecessary downtime making them ideal for continuous operation. A forklift run with LPG is capable of powering the movement of heavy loads. No compromise to the power even with all the nifty features.

Regardless of the size or nature of your operation, Solane can help you meet your energy needs. Solane offers a unique and practical solution for your FLT fleet. Besides offering quality fuel and service, our FLT supply offer comes with special dip tube systems.

Backed by our nationwide distribution system, we make sure you get your supply whenever and wherever you need it. We are the best in the industry and our technical expertise in LPG systems solutions is unrivalled. Our Commercial Safety Audit ensures that your installations are always safe and free from any untoward incidents that could cost you your business.